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Win 10,000 CASH POINTS For Playing ‘Stretch Dungeon’

Greetings from Showbox! It’s Amy’s 4th time talking with you.
10,000 CASH POINTS are waving to you. Kindly download Showbox HERE to participate the cool contest.
Jrump Game Contest is over, do you enjoy that game? Hmmm…Ready to meet the new game for this week?


Game Title: Stretch Dungeon
Game Category: Action
Contest Duration: 3rd Oct. 2016 – 9th Oct. 2016 SGT23:59(one week)



Stretch Dungeon is a new game developed by Nitrome. For gamers who are fans of pixel mini games, they should know about Nitrome. This time Stretch Dungeon continues with the same style of Nitrome. The different thing is that normally you control the character in games while in Stretch Dungeon you control the wall.
I won’t talk too much, it’s better you guys go try by yourselves.


Check out the video here:


Cool right?
But I’d gonna tell you, it’s really not easy to help this old man(?) live longer XD, at least I couldn’t.


So here’s the rules for the game contest:

1. You play Stretch Dungeon and try to get as higher score as you could;
2. Take a screenshot of your best score and comment to this post (in Showbox App), there is a qualified sample below for you to refer to;
3. Top 5 scores of each day (00:00 – 23:59 SGT) will get 5,000 Showbox CASH Points (You guys know how much USD is this XD );
4. Top score in this contest week will get 10,000 Showbox CASH Points!!!!

You have two options of result screenshot:

in-app contest screenshot sample Stretch Dungeon

Either of the two screenshots is fine, we’ll count your result from your BEST score.

Another addictive mini game right? Other than the game result screenshots, you guys could also comment to us your feelings about this game. Good news is that you’ll have chances to win 20 Showbox Cash Points if you give us some comments or tips about Stretch Dungeon(The winners are selected randomly). It’s always good to share, isn’t it?

Don’t forget Game Contest of Endless Ducker is still ongoing. It will end on this coming Wednesday. Do not miss the chance to win another 10,000 CASH POINTS!


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Well, let’s work harder to keep the old man in Stretch Dungeon live longer!

1. Any modification of your screenshot is not allowed. Once found, you will be disqualified from the contest;
2. If there’re more than one member who got the same score (in top 5 of each day), will choose the one who submitted first;
3. For the daily reward, each person/each mobile device holder will only be rewarded once;
4. The winners will receive the points on the next day(weekdays), for winners on Fri, Sat & Sun, they will receive the points on the next Monday;
5. Showbox Group reserves the rights to change or terminate the competition without notice.


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