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Two Stunning Marvel Games You Might Want To Try

Captain America: Civil War is on showing now. When all Marvel fans are hurrying to the cinema to watch the new Marvel movie as to get the first glimpse, don’t be panic if you haven’t got the best seat. Play these 2 fun Marvel mobile games while waiting for your movie day to come.

1. Marvel Contest of Champions

At first glance, it seems like Marvel’s answer to DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us; a simple fast-paced all-star fighting game, with slick graphics and loads of content. However, the two games differ in a number of significant ways: The fights are one-on-one rather that three-one-three; The combat in Marvel Contest of Champion is more simplified than in DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us.

In some way, when you are playing Contest of Champion, you’ll feel like playing Street Fighter as its control is directly simple as swiping and tapping to attack, dash, dodge and block. The fighting is fast, intuitive and satisfying, with single-round fights typically lasting less than a minute.

The more you fight, the more heroes and villains you can enlist, and the more you can power them up to take on increasingly more challenging opponents.
What I also like about this game is that the visuals are stunning. All the animations and graphics are quite satisfying when playing it.

Marvel Contest of Champions seems like a comic book nerd’s dream come true. An open-ended story premise brings together every Marvel character known to man in a series of tournament bouts for supremacy.

2. Future Fight

Unlike Contest of Champions, Future Fight is a action role playing game that could be easily understood you will play as one or a group of superheroes and explore through the interesting story.
The game lets players collect and build up a team of good and bad guys from the Marvel movies and comics and then put them to work stopping an interdimensional threat. There’s a bunch of characters available within the game, even though it’ll take you quite some time to unlock them all. You will take the team on different story based missions. Missions are fairly straightforward matters of clearing out grunts who attack you in small groups on your way to a boss battle, like most of the action games do.

The RPG progression runs pretty deep in Future Fight. Each character is upgradable in various areas. When playing it, you’ll feel it’s quite similar to some PC RPG game, you go for it and have more fun when level up.

The models of those characters look outstanding in the game, they draw from a wide range of sources, including classic and modern comics and the Marvel movies. You won’t be disappointed if you are a super Marvel comic or movie fan.

So, which teat are you stand for, TeamCap or TeamIronman? If you are still waiting for the new movie, try these Marvel games to review the characters first!

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