the-walking-dead-no-mans-land showbox game review

Walking Dead No Man’s Land – desolate, dangerous and full of the dead: can you and your team survive?

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is truly a game of survival and strategy. Train your survivors, defeat walkers in turn-based combat and navigate the wasteland that was once our country. Do you have what it takes to survive?

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Name of the App     The Walking Dead No Man’s Land
Genre Strategy
Developer Next Games Oy
Platform(s) Android, iPhone, Tablet
App Cost Free (In-App Purchases)
Google Play Rating 4.5
Age Group Google Play: Mature 17+
Gambling Content No Gambling Content in Game Play

Here’s a preview clip:


The Walking Dead No Man’s Land follows in the same tradition as other Walking Dead installments, though this one is based more heavily on turn-based combat than mob control. Players will be given a group of survivors and will have to use their wits to level them up, guide them through combat and make sure that they survive in the harsh, unforgiving world that The Walking Dead presents. Presented with zombie hordes as the biggest enemy, the strategy is not just in the combat but in the levelling system and the general gameplay mechanics. You absolutely do not want to find yourself losing many survivors, otherwise the game will become significantly more difficult and ultimately end in death for all characters if they get overwhelmed.

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Like other Walking Dead games, this one is gloomy, tense and takes on the world of The Walking Dead in a very stylized manner. Players are sure to feel the pressure as they attempt to survive. You can join up with other groups as well, meaning teamwork can become crucial as you cooperate with other players from around the world.

However, one of the downsides of The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is in its gold system. Advertising your guild to invite other players can cost a large amount of gold for 24 hours, and there are plenty of cash grab mechanics throughout the game, which is typical of most apps, so it’s not really all that much of a hindrance.

Art and Sound Design

the-walking-dead-no-mans-land showbox game review2

The art of The Walking Dead No Man’s Land follows the tradition of most Walking Dead games. It is dark, gloomy, but also slightly cartoonish as it was in the Tell Tale renditions, other mobile games and even some PC installments. It works well with the sound design to keep things tense and the gameplay exciting.

Final Thoughts:

While it does have the cash grab element and it is easy to lose gold in this game, The Walking Dead No Man’ Land is a graphically beautiful and engaging experience that fans of the show, comics or The Walking Dead in general are sure to enjoy. It is a great addition to the strategy genre and will certainly put players to the test the further they get in. It is not all about fighting walkers and levelling, and there is more than enough in the game to keep it entertaining for hours at a time. Definitely give it a shot if you are a fan of either the franchise or strategy games in general; you won’t regret it.


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