The Ultimate Social Media Guide to Promote Mobile Games in Southeast Asia

One of the most fascinating places to make your mobile games go viral is Southeast Asia. The reason is simple. Social media users in Southeast Asia are among the highest users across the globe. The stats are amazing.

Facebook alone has over 241 million users and almost all users access the social network via a mobile device according to Rappler.

So if you’re looking to promote your mobile games and make them go viral in this part of the world, don’t hesitate to take advantage of social media. But where exactly should you start? Let’s dig deeper into it.

What country in the world has the second highest social penetration rate?

I’ll help you out. The answer is Singapore. While the worldwide average of social penetration rate is 26%, Singapore’s social penetration rate is 59%.

The current population of Singapore is 5.6 million people and more than 4 million people use the internet.

Social media penetration in Singapore Image credit: Statista

Social media penetration in Singapore
Image credit: Statista

But where are these people spending time on social network?

According to Singapore Business Review, over 2.8 million people use Facebook in Singapore. That’s a strong indication that more than half of internet users in the country use Facebook. As a mobile game developer, this is one of the best places to promote your game in Southeast Asia.

Just like in every other country where Facebook is used for mobile game promotion, start by setting up a Facebook Page for your game. Use your game’s logo as your profile picture and a crystal clear image of your game as it displays on a mobile device as the cover photo of your page.

You can take a cue from Showbox’s Facebook Page profile. Make sure you complete the About Us space appropriately. You should give a brief description of your game and what makes it an interesting game. Make sure your description is appealing enough to inspire mobile game players to download and play your game.

Apart from Facebook, people in Singapore enjoy using Instagram. You should create an Instagram account just for your game. You can post pictures of your game, share screenshots and other relevant images to promote your game. Better still, you can advertise your game on the platform to reach as many users as possible.

Take a cue from Showbox’s Facebook Page

Take a cue from Showbox’s Facebook Page

Earlier in 2016, the population of Indonesia was estimated at 260 million people, but only a third of that population uses the internet.

That figure is about 88 million people and 79 million out of these, use social media. That’s a huge figure for any mobile game developer looking to promote a game in Indonesia.


But what social media are Indonesians spending their time on?

It is estimated that 3 out of every 4 Indonesians that have access to the internet has a Facebook account. That’s a whopping 94% of social media users out of 79 million people.  Indonesia boasts of one of the highest social media penetration rates in Southeast Asia and ranks as the fourth in worldwide Facebook users by country.

To promote your mobile game in Indonesia, create a Facebook Page for it. You can reach millions of Facebook users by promoting your game’s page and boosting your most important posts.

But Facebook is not the only social network where Indonesians are spending time. Approximately 69.2 percent of internet users in the country use Instagram while 41.3 % use Twitter. This is a huge opportunity to reach many gamers across different social networks all in one country.

The most popular social media users by age group in Indonesia

The most popular social media users by age group in Indonesia

Image credit: Statista

In Malaysia, Facebook, We Chat, and Instagram are the leading social networks. You can reach millions of social media users in Malaysia by using all 3 social networks for promoting your mobile games. Create specific profiles for your game and use social ads to boost promotion to make your game go viral in the country.

Thailand has more than 24 million Facebook users and that figure is still growing. Other leading social networks in Thailand are Google+, Twitter and Instagram.

Social media use in Thailand.

Social media use in Thailand.

According to Chabrol, 39.8 million people use internet in Vietnam, while 28 million people use social media. On the average, Vietnamese spend 2 hours 41 minutes on the internet via a mobile device. Also, 21% of internet users in the country use Facebook, 13% use Google+, while 8% use Twitter. So to promote your mobile games in Vietnam, start on Facebook, it’s the biggest in the country.

You should create a Facebook Page for your game and promote it accordingly. Also, create a Google+ account for your game and make sure your game’s description page link on Play Store is on your Google+ page.  Don’t ignore Twitter users too. Make sure your game has a Twitter account and you’ll be able to connect with gamers and potential gamers on the platform.

Let’s see what’s happening in social media in other South East Asian countries.

Social media marketing is currently rated as the best marketing tools in Brunei according to The Brunei Times. But how many people are using social media in Brunei? As large as 97.4% of social media users in Brunei use Facebook, while only 1.1% of the population use Twitter.

There shouldn’t be a second thought about how to promote your game in Brunei. Take advantage of Facebook to reach as many gamers and potential gamers as possible.

In Cambodia the most used social network is Facebook. The social networking giant has a laudable 99.74 % while Twitter has 0.13%. I’ll suggest you strongly focus on using Facebook to promote your mobile game to make your game go viral in Cambodia.

What’s going on in Laos? The current population of Laos is 6.5 million people and the number of internet users is 527,400 according to We Are Social. Internet penetration in the country is 8%, the number of social media users in the country is 268, 620, and 64% of that figure are Facebook users. Interestingly, mobile-only users account for 95% of all phone users in Laos. So promoting a mobile game in Laos via social media should be absolutely easy. You can take a huge advantage of Facebook by reaching out to users in Laos. Laos has a very young population and this is the right population of gamers. So your game can go viral easily in Laos.

In Myanmar, 98.68 percent of social media users are on Facebook while 0.39 percent are on Twitter. In Timor-Leste, the leading social network is Facebook with 94.91% of social media users in the country registered on the platform. Twitter is second on the list with 4.04%. Facebook is still the most outstanding social network to connect with gaming population in Myanmar and Timor-Leste.

According to Rappler, there are 47 million active Facebook users in Philippines and the country is the fastest growing app market in South East Asia. Also. 15% of internet users in Philippines play online and mobile games, making the country one of the best places to promote your mobile games in South East Asia. An average internet user in the country spends 3.2 hours on mobile every other day and 5.2 hours on desktop and tablets.

If you want to promote your game in not only Southeast Asia but also worldwide, then you should check out our post here: The Best Social Networks For Promoting Mobile Games Worldwide.


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