The Best Social Networks For Promoting Mobile Games Worldwide

The Best Social Networks For Promoting Mobile Games Worldwide

How did some games become world famous, while others are only popular among the friends and loved ones of the developer or publisher? In many cases, the difference between a world-famous game and a local one is how the game was promoted.

Do you really need a big budget to promote your game worldwide? No, I don’t think so. If you can take advantage of social media, you can reach millions of gamers across the globe. Social media is an easy platform for game developers to connect with gamers all across the world. You can connect with your current game players while finding more players.

But if you’re looking to build a strong presence on social media worldwide, you’ll have to streamline your efforts to specifics. You’ll have to connect with gamers and potential gamers via the most popular social network they use in their country.

The following countries are among the most populous in the world and the most social media users. Let’s dig deeper to see the best social network to use in each of these countries to promote your game worldwide.


There are several different social networks where you can promote your games in China.

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is one of the best social networks to promote your mobile games in China. The social network is a microblogging site just like Twitter and more than 30% of internet users in China are registered users on the platform.

According to emarketer data released by Weibo in December 2015 indicated that the social network had 222 million active users worldwide in the third quarter of 2015. Most of these users are in China, 3 % were reported to be in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or other parts of the world.

Many celebrities and other popular figures in China use Sina Weibo. If you can get a celebrity or any popular figure to endorse your game, chances are your game will be a big hit all over the country. Just one celebrity can help you reach tens of millions of fans and that’s one easy way to promote your game.

Sina Weibo adheres to the Chinese Government’s policy of internet censorship. So the social network has blacklisted some keywords and does not permit url shortening services because they can conceal the identity of a site.


Users of this social networking site are constantly discussing several different topics especially social issues. Just like Weibo, Douban adheres to the Chinese Government’s policy of internet censorship. Every content shared on the platform is censored.

Douban users can book tickets for concerts, movies, download e-books, and can use the music subscription service Douban FM, which is similar to Spotify. Registered and unregistered users often refer to the site for reviews and ratings.

If your game was adapted from a movie, you can promote it easily on Douban. Since users often discuss movies on the platform, chances ae you can get them to discuss your games while discussing the movie. Also, if you game is an action game or an adventure, you can promote it on Douban by making it a topic of discussion while movies with similar themes are being discussed.


Renren is considered the Chinese alternative to Facebook. According to Renren, it has approximately 236 million activated users as of June 30, 2016. Renren rewards its millions of users with points whenever they perform certain activities. Users can earn points for posting status messages, commenting, receiving comments, and just for logging in. Users can use the points they earn for several different things including going invisible to check the profile of others.

You can promote your game on Renren by creating a profile for it and engaging with other users on the platform. With over 236 million activated users, you’ll have the unique chance to connect with many gamers who’re speaking similar or the same language.


The Best Social Networks For Promoting Mobile Games Worldwide

As the number of smart device users are increasing worldwide, so is the number of mobile gamers increasing.

Russians are more active on social networks than any other country across the world. Approximately, Russians spend 9.8 hours on social media per month, a figure that doubles the average global rate.


Vkontakte also known as VK, was launched on October 10, 2006. The social network is currently the largest social networking service in Europe. While the social network is available in several different languages, it is mostly popular among Russians.  According to Expanded Ramblings, VK has 100 million active users. The social network boasts of 46 million visitors daily and approximately 46.8 Russian users every month.

Just like several other social networks, VK has features that allows registered users to send private and public messages to each other. Users can also create groups, events, and public pages. Interestingly, VK users can share and tag pictures, videos and they can play browser-based games.

If you’re looking to promote your game to millions of Russians and other Europeans, you can create a page for it on VK and engage with as many people as possible. You can share pictures and videos of your game to make it more appealing to gamers. Even more, you can make your game a browser-based game so millions of VK users can play it with their friends.


Odnoklassniki is one of the leading social networks in Russia. According to Extended Ramblings, Odnoklassniki has 65.3 million users. The social network boasts of approximately 10 million active users daily.

The social network has a unique target audience; men under the age of 35 with post graduate education and who earn less than $30,000 a year. This is a perfect opportunity to promote your game in Russia and other close countries like Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. You can promote your games to millions of young people on this social network as many gamers are below the age of 35 and are men.


Some of the leading social networks in Japan are among the most popular across the world which makes them easier to use for promoting mobile games.


Twitter is the leading social network in Japan with more than 26 million active users every month. If you’re looking to promote your game in Japan, Twitter is probably the best social network to start. You can create a twitter profile for your game and connect with millions of Twitter users. You should consider creating a twitter card to promote your game.


Facebook has is the second biggest social network in Japan. The social network boasts of 25 million monthly users. You can create a Facebook page for your game and reach out to millions of Facebook users all across Japan. You can share videos and pictures of your game and also use you’re your page as an extension of your customer support.


Mixi is a Japanese social network well known for the game Monster Strike. The game was created by Yoshiki Okamoto, the former Konami and Capcom employee who created Street Fighter II, producer and director Koki Kimura and Mixi’s head of localization Michael Oakland.

Many of Mixi’s users are gamers and if you’re looking to promote your game in Japan, don’t miss the opportunity to showcase it o Mixi. Many of Japanese celebrities use Mixi and if you can get a celebrity to endorse your game, odds are it’ll be a big hit in Japan.

United States

The United States is arguable the biggest market for mobile gamers across the globe. According to Statista, the U.S. has 180.4 million mobile phone gamers and that figure is expected to hit 192.2 million in 2017. Recently, Pokemon Go was named the most successful mobile game in US history as it recorded 21 million daily active users, according to Survey Monkey. So if you’re looking to promote your game in a very big mobile gaming market, the United States is one of the best places to kick off your campaign.

Pokemon is currently the most successful mobile game in US history.

Pokemon is currently the most successful mobile game in US history.


According to Statista Facebook has 191.3 million users in the United States. That figure alone is larger than the population of some countries. So if you’re promoting your mobile games on Facebook in the United States, odds are you’re gradually going global. Make sure you create a page for your game and boost as many posts as you can to reach more gamers you’re targeting.


In the first quarter of 2016, the number of YouTube users in the United States hits 167.4 million according to research giant Statista. This staggering figure makes the video platform one of the best places to reach out to gamers in the United States. To start promoting your game, set up a YouTube profile for it, and start making videos right away. You can upload several short videos about your games, its features, and several other promotional content. You can link your YouTube profile to your game’s page on Play Store to boost your game’s ranking on Play Store search result pages.


There are 67.2 million users on Instagram in the United States all sharing photos from one end to the other. You can promote your games on Instagram too to reach as many people as possible.


Twitter is another big hit in the United States. Many celebrities in the United States are on Twitter making it one of the must have social network for anyone interested in trends and breaking news. Twitter has 56.8 million users in the United States. You can promote your game on Twitter and you can target specific people in a certain region or you can target as many niches as you want.


Many Indians are tech savvy and enthusiastic about social media. Many of them access social media sites and apps on their mobile device and this is a huge opportunity for mobile game developers to reach them via social media on a mobile device. The following are the most popular social networks in India.


According to Surendran, as of March 2016, Facebook has more than 142 million users in India. This is a huge opportunity for mobile game promotion because approximately 133 million (93.66%) users accessed Facebook site from their mobile phones.

First, you should consider setting up a Facebook page for your game so you can connect with millions of Facebook users across India. Then you should promote your game by engaging with as many users as possible. Consider boosting some of your posts to reach clearly defined target users.


According to Expanded Ramblings Twitter has 22.2 million users in India. That’s a huge figure if you’re looking to reach millions of social network users in India. But considering the massive size of Facebook users, 22.2 million users is not so high. But all Facebook users are not gamers but chances are you can interact faster and better on Twitter making it a useful tool to reach millions of gamers.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the leading social network users. The most popular social networks in the United States are among the most popular ones in the United Kingdom too. The large number of mobile device users in the UK makes it a big market for mobile games developer. In fact, if you’re not promoting your game on social media in the UK, you’re already missing a lot. The following are the leading social networks in the UK.


Just like in several other countries in Europe, Facebook is the leading social network in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom ha 32 million Facebook users and it’s the best social network for promoting games to people in the UK. You can connect with as many gamers as possible in the UK via Facebook.


YouTube has 19.1 million users in the UK. If your game is on Play Store, this is a huge opportunity to link your game’s page to a YouTube profile created just for the game. You can make several short videos to show gamers all the different features of your game and how to play it. You can also redirect visitors on your YouTube channel to your game’s page on Play Store.


Twitter has 15 million active users in the United Kingdom. Odds are, many of these users access the site via a mobile device, so it’s easier for them to visit your game’s page on Play Store if your promotion is good enough to trigger them. You should start by creating a Twitter account to connect with fans and potential gamers. You can share videos, images, and links to your game’s page on Play Store.


More than 120 million people are currently using Facebook in Africa. 15 million of those users are in Nigeria, 12 million in South Africa, and 4 million in Kenya. Apart from Facebook, Africans are spending time on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Social media is one of the easiest ways to promote your game worldwide to reach millions of fans, gamers, and potential gamers. Showbox has more than 3 million active users mostly from US, UK and Southeast Asia. If you want to promote your game to the right people with lowest CPI, you should definitely check out our Mobile App CPI Advertising Platform!


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