Showbox Team at Echelon Asia Summit 2016

Showbox Team At Echelon Asia Summit 2016

Two-day Echelon Asia Summit 2016 (ECA 2016) Exhibition has ended. Showbox team was so glad to have this opportunity to meet you guys in-person and share our current stage & grow to you. We enjoyed the time chatting with so many friends from different countries and businesses.
It is the first exhibition Showbox Team participated in this year. We know that you may not have chances to meet Showbox Team so often. So, we’re going to share with you some photos at ECA 2016.

The guide board & stickers instructions in ECA 2016

The guide board & stickers instructions in ECA 2016

Showbox backdrop ECA2016

How is the backdrop looking?

Showbox Team at ECA2016

Showbox has 3M+ members worldwide.

Showbox Brochure.

We prepared nice brochures for you to take reference. Hope you could understand Showbox easily.

Showbox team talking with partner

We enjoyed talking with you guys during the two days. At the same time we’re hoping we could facilitate partnership with you.

Showbox team members

Last but not least, meet Showbox Team! (Unfortunately, only 3 of us were there.)

Are we looking good? Are you attracted by the cute anime videos of Showbox app & services? If you missed that, no worries, you could view the interesting videos by clicking the following links:

Showbox – Cash Rewards for App Discovery on Android

Showbox – Powerful Platform for Apps & Games Promotion

If you guys missed the chance grabbing us at the conference hall at Expo during ECA2016, you could still contact us by simply dropping us an email at We welcome you to talk with us and to seek possibilities.

Further more, as you know that we’ve released our latest version of Showbox app & website last week. We hope that you have updated our app in your phone to the latest version 2.6.0 already. The new functions and add-ons will definiely impress you. (Check the cool updated notes of Showbox V2.6.0 HERE). Remember to give us feedback if there’s any.

Also, there’s great news for developers among you. If you have apps/games that would like to promote, Showbox is just the one to help. Kindly check the details at: or write to us (

More photos of Showbox Team in ECA2016 at Showbox Facebook Page.

Have a nice weekend!

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