Showbox App Game Discovery Release Notes 3.0.0

Showbox Release Notes Version 3.0.0

Hi all, finally our new updated app has been released! Sorry for keeping you guys waiting for so long time. In these days, all Showbox Team members were working hard on updating our app, as well as our website. Sadly, now you’ll only meet our new updated app only, the website might need to wait for another few days. However, isn’t it excited?! This might be one of the hugest update for Showbox! Let’s meet it!

Update your Showbox App HERE to feel the new face of Showbox!

  1. Enchanted UI for easier navigation and better experience while playing games;


  • There’re three main tabs only which is “Games & Contests”, “Offers”, “Setting”’
  • Moving “Games & Contests” to main page so gamers will be easier to access.


  1. More games from different categories available for players to try out and get more CASH REWARDS;


  • More game choices to try, even when there is not contest you could still play games and earn some points while having fun.
  • Showbox team will collect more interesting games for our dear gamers from day to day.


  1. Leaderboard attached to each game & contest to see your own game score and scores of TOP players.mockup3
  • Your game score will be shown on Leaderboard in each game. Now you could easily check your rank and scores.

Simply but strongly, we did this huge update to our dearest Showbox App. We’ve been prepared for several months, hope you guys could enjoy a lot from this new version. Also our website is in updating, you guys might meet our new main site in a few days. What we really hope is that to bring more fun and convenience for gamers and develop a healthy platform for gamers to communicate and play fun games.

Feel free to leave your feedback down if you have any. Any ideas are welcomed!

We aim to be a friend of yours, a friend can be play games with.

Thank you!


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