Showbox is featured on GetAndroidStuff!

Showbox is featured on GetAndroidStuff!

Showbox app for Android : Download, Play, get rewards and Make Money

Showbox app for Android offer rewards when you download games and apps on your smartphone!

Showbox app for Android Download to make money

What’s more fun than enjoying great apps/games and having rewards at the same time? Showbox Android app rewards every smartphone owner with every download of sponsored games and apps. Download Showbox now and start earning rewards which you can use to top up your phone, redeem Amazon and Netflix Gift Cards, or cash out via Paypal.

Most often mistakenly called as a movie app, Showbox is a money-earning app that has other apps you have to download attached. Showbox Android app gives you reward the moment you installed the app. It is sort of “a welcome reward”. What a warm welcome you might say. It is also their way of saying “Thank you”.

How ShowBox app for Android works:

After installing Showbox, setting up your account requires an email and a password. This is necessary as you will need it in order to be able to cash out your rewards. Once set, scroll and look for apps offered by Showbox. There will be apps which are not Showbox sponsored. Showbox literally works like this: find apps via Showbox and it will direct you to the Play store (to make sure you are not getting any malware from third-parties), download, install, and play and get rewards! Showbox serves as the “middle man” in a business between you and the Playstore. But with the rewards that the app is offering it is worth the long way. You could also earn more points when you refer Showbox to a friend.


  • Showbox offers many ways to redeem rewards.
  • Easy to use.
  • Earn points by simply logging in everyday.
  • Members can cashout via PayPal starting from $2


  • Expired offers are still on the display. Showbox should remove offers once it expires. Putting the app on test consumed a lot of my time as most of the apps offered by Showbox are already expired once I try to load the offer. There were numerous apps on display but most of them are not offered by Showbox.
  • Too many points to accumulate before you could earn the cash equivalent. You should earn at least 14000 to have ten bucks, which will require you to download a lot of apps offered by Showbox to its partners.
  • Showbox offers fewer points than their partners., e.g Supersonic, ADXMI and Adscend.
  • Netflix gift cards are redeemable only for members in the U.S. It should be made available to members where Netflix is available.
  • Takes too long to load an offer.
  • Lots of advertisement.

What we want to see in Showbox

  • Less ads.
  • No expired offers on display.
  • Points should be credited and displayed at once an offer is completed successfully.


Basically, you don’t need Showbox to download apps, go directly to the Playstore if all that you want is to download, install and play. But if you want to get something in return while you do that, then install Showbox and avail of the offer before it expires. And get it fast, really fast. After all, once you completed the offer, followed the instructions and got the reward, you could easily get rid of the app and eventually exchange your points through the redemption methods Showbox has in store.


Showbox app for Android might be fun to use for smartphone owners who likes to download just any app and trying it for a short period (as instructed by the app offer) and uninstalling it once it is deemed out of service. It is the idea of having rewards while you download, install and play that makes this app one for the go.

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