Showbox App Release Notes 2.7.7 Android Mobile Game

Showbox App Version 2.7.7 Release Notes

Hey guys!

We know that some of you are using Showbox as a group or family. So thankful that you recommended Showbox to your friends and relatives!

We have been your ears all the time. One voice is that it takes time to reach cashout threshold as an individual member and some of you want to work as a team and earn points together.

We have made this happen. Team Mode for offers completion has been implemented. One team only requires one Showbox account. The team members work under team mode by entering leader’s referral code, no registration required. Points earned by the whole team go to the leader’s Showbox Account. The leader can use his account to cashout. Working as a team, it is much easier to reach the cashout threshold (2800 CASH-POINTS).

Update your Showbox App HERE and speed up your Money Wheel with Showbox!

Terms and Conditions for Team Mode:
1. Make sure you input valid referral code of the team leader to work under his/her team;

Screenshot_2016-11-25-11-18-21 Screenshot_2016-11-25-11-18-28

2. All the points earned from each team member will be added to the team leader’s Showbox account;
3. The points that team leaders earned for each week won’t be counted into Showbox Weekly Ranking Contest;
4. Team leaders are not entitled for referral bonus for points earn by his/her team members; If one team leader inputs any Showbox member’s referral code during registration, that member will only receive bonus points base on the team leader’s earnings as individual member in his/her first month use of Showbox;
5. Showbox Group reserves the rights of final decision on the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.


Do feel free to switch from team mode to normal login mode to participate the game contests.

Thank you for your continuous support! Showbox will bring you more offers and cool games!

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