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Showbox App Version 2.7.6 Release Notes

Good news for Showbox members, especially those from Indonesia and who speak Chinese.

Kindly update your Showbox App to the latest version to enjoy more!


We’ve just updated our app to Version 2.7.6. We’re so glad to tell Indonesian members and Chinese members that our app has been added localization supports for Indonesian & Chinese.

1. We have added localization support for Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Showbox app release note game contest mobile game review android3

Showbox knows that many of our members are Indonesian and Chinese. So we’d like to make you guys more convenient when using Showbox App. We’ve invited Indonesian staff and Chinese staff to help with the localization of Showbox App. The language of Showbox App will change according to your phone system language.

Hope you feel benefit about this localisation!

2. We have added two more offer-wall in more offers tab. (adxmi & supersonic offerwall)

In <More Offers> tab, we’ve added to more offer-walls which are Adxmi and Supersonic Offerwall. Hope our members could earn more Showbox points with our app.

 Showbox app release note game contest mobile game review android

Showbox team are always trying to improve our product and service so that you guys could benefit more and enjoy more with us!

Should you have any questions, feel free to comment to us or contact us at

Have a nice day and don’t forget we’re having game contest every week! Check the details at <Game Contests> in Showbox App!

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