Showbox App Version 2.6.0 Release Notes

Hey guys!
It has been some time since our last release. Our team were trying hard on improving new features and fixing issues of previous version recently. So the good news is, now you can enjoy the latest Showbox Version 2.6.0 with new features and look!

• New App!
Kindly upgrade your Showbox app here and play with the new version! See what new cool things we bring to you guys:

i. New UI

Showbox App New UI

How do you like the updated UI of Showbox app?

We changed a little bit but I believe you’ll still get how to use it, as it’s as simple as the previous version. All the users’ options are put at bottom of the app. You don’t need to scroll down to find more offer.

ii. “Expired Offers” Issue Fixed!
We know that many of you have met this issue – when clicking on an offer but “Offer Expired” keep popping up and this offer disappeared. Now the issue is no more! Showbox helps to filter all the “expired offers” so you guys won’t be confused.

iii. More Offers
Checking Showbox everyday but there are limited games/apps to try? With the new releasing of Showbox app 2.6.0, there’re more games/apps offers to try! Now Showbox even provide self-servicing portal for developers, this will definitely bring you more cool offers. (If you are user of Showbox App but at the same time have your own game/app to promote, you could try our platform! More details at: www.goshowbox.co/advertise. )

iv. Easier to Raise a Missing Points Ticket

Just one simple click, you could raise your missing point ticket already.

Just one simple click, you could raise your missing point ticket already.

Sometimes, you may not receive the certain point after you finishing one offer (FAQ answer about not receiving points). The process we used for the previous version was kind of complicated and now we improved! Simply enter “Setting” and press in “Missing Points”, you could just raise a missing point ticket by clicking on the button “Contact Support” at the offer you finished and upload 2 screenshots for verification, our support department will help you with missing points issue ASAP.
The whole process is simpler and will definitely save a lot of time. We hope the “missing points” issue won’t bother you so much any more. Of course we’ll try our best to prevent from happening of “Missing Points” issue.

v. Add in credit history/redeem function
Don’t remember what offers you’ve finished before? No worries!
Checking the cash-out points you received by simply click on the “Credit History” button in “Setting”, you could review all the credits you earned by finishing offers. There is Redeem History for you to check also!

• New Product Landing Page: www.goshowbox.co
A brand-new look of our main page comes! Do you like the new style? We’re hoping you guys would love the easy and fresh feeling of it, with Showbox theme color – purple!

• New Blog Theme: blog.goshowbox.co
To keep the same style of the whole look our Showbox, we changed the design of our blog also. Similarly, it’s quite straightforward and easy to read and find information. You could easily find blogposts by category or searching key words at side bar.

• More Contests & Leaderboard Rewards

You'll see not only the weekly leaderboard, also the monthly leaderboard and the total one.

You’ll see not only the weekly leaderboard, also the monthly leaderboard and the total one.

I guess you guys are quite familiar with our “Weekly Ranking Contest” now. Showbox 2.6.0 even adds a leaderboard that shows the ranking of weekly, monthly and total cash-points our users get. We’ll bring out more fun contests for our users so you’ll enjoy more when using Showbox app.
More upgrades are waiting for you to explore. Why are you waiting, go to Google Play Store to update Showbox RIGHT NOW!

Should you find any problems or advices when using Showbox app 2.6.0, kindly drop us a email at: contact@goshowbox.co. We’ll appreciate your feedback. Have a nice week!

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