An endless game of puzzles, wonderful tranquility, and no pressure – is Outfolded your new nirvana?

Outfolded is a calm, endless puzzle game done in a minimalist art style that is the very definition of tranquil. This game is perfect for both challenging players and allowing them to relax and enjoy a good, simple game.

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Name of the App     Outfolded
Genre Puzzle
Developer 3 Sprockets
Platform(s) Android, iPhone, Tablet
App Cost Free (In-App Purchases)
Google Play Rating 4.6
Age Group Google Play: Everyone
Gambling Content No Gambling Content in Game Play


Outfolded is, without a doubt, an extremely relaxing game. Featuring endless puzzle levels, a minimalist art style and serene sound design, Outfolded is a puzzle game that even people who hate puzzle games can enjoy.

outfolded game review goshowboxPlayers can experiment and pit themselves against both solo levels and daily challenges to compete with the best as well as earn hints. You can both compete with your friends as well as help them out, if you are feeling generous. If you get stuck, Outfolded does an option to purchase unlimited hints.

In essence, each level will present a new puzzle for players to solve. The nice thing about Outfolded is that there is no pressure to complete it in a set amount of time or with as many obstacles. It sets itself apart from other puzzle games by being entirely relaxing and allowing the player to experiment and try their own methods without being told to hurry up.

The pacing, ambiance and general feel of Outfolded lends itself to what is a very good, and very addicting game. It comes highly related from almost all who have tried it, and anyone who picks it up and gives it a go for themselves is sure to find something to love.

Thinking on any drawbacks, none stood out. Outfolded is solid, well made and interesting, though the occasional bug has been reported. The devs seem to be good about jumping on fixing the issues, so there’s really no worries there. All in all, Outfolded is a solid experience.

Art and Sound Design

The art is a minimalistic style, and it is a design choice that works well for the game.

outfolded game review showbox1 outfolded game review showbox2

Outfolded is pleasant to look at, and the music helps add to the tranquil atmosphere that the game projects. While you can’t listen to your own music while playing, at least not typically, the music the game has is pleasant and easy on the ears. Outfolded is really just kind to the senses in general.

Final Thoughts:

Outfolded is a puzzle experience that takes a unique approach and succeeds entirely. Its peaceful gameplay, minimalistic style and pleasant sound design all create an experience that let players experiment while their mind gently drifts elsewhere. This is a puzzle game that has no obtrusive ads, plenty of ways to both compete and help your friends along the endless levels, and many opportunities to enjoy the experience as a whole. Outfolded is definitely a game that everyone should give a try for themselves.


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