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Challenging levels, bright colors, advanced arcade play – Can you make One More Jump?

One More Jump is all about patience, skill and timing. Can you make every jump through the seventy plus levels in this game?

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Name of the App     One More Jump
Genre Casual
Developer SMG Studio
Platform(s) Android, iPhone, Tablet
App Cost Free (In-App Purchases)
Google Play Rating 4.3
Age Group Google Play: Everyone
Gambling Content No Gambling Content in Game Play


One More Jump comes from SMG Games, who also did One More Line and Thumb Drift. One More Jump is an exciting casual arcade platformer that gives players seventy plus levels to conquer. Merely tap the screen to time out your jumps and make it through each level.

It sounds easy, in theory, but as the game progresses it will consistently get more and more challenging.

In One More Jump, your happy little block will be presented with level after level of lines, platforms and obstacles to conquer. This game is one that requires focus and patience, as you will need to get the timing down on your jumps to a science, especially on harder levels.

With bouncy music and bright colors, One More Jump can make for hours of fun as well as frustration for those who aren’t used to arcade platformers like this. Put simply, One More Jump is a game that can easily become addicting, if players aren’t careful. The fun lies in the challenge that comes with each level and the test to conquer each one.

If there is a downside to the game, it is definitely with the ads. An ad or unskippable video will appear typically after every eleven levels. Unfortunately, these can really break the experience and excitement of One More Jump. You can purchase a feature that blocks ads from the game, but it is still a hassle to have to watch a video and get no kind of in-game reward for it.

Other characters are available and there are some rewards for completing levels and challenges, but the ads really do put a hamper on things. Gameplay would no doubt be much better without them, but you will have to decide if purchasing the no-ads feature is right for you or not.

Art and Sound Design

The art in One More Jump is very minimalistic, with black graphed backgrounds and bright neon colors as highlights for each level. The aesthetic works very well and creates a stylized environment that works with the bouncy, energetic music perfectly as far as creating exciting level design.

Final Thoughts:

Discounting the annoyance of ads and ad videos, One More Jump proves to be a very fun and addicting game. Each level offers a new challenge and the chance to test yourself against each and every obstacle. With cute art, bouncy music and great level design, One More Jump is game that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants something fast but also entirely casual and built simply for fun.


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