Showbox in-app game contest-Mr Catt 喵星旅人

Win 20,000 CASH-POINTS For Playing Mr. Catt

Happy Weekend! Today is Amy’s 8th time talking with you.

Another 10,000 CASH-POINTS are coming to you. Let’s play Mr. Catt today.

By the way, Showbox just release our latest version of app, for guys who haven’t update it to the latest version, don’t forget to update your Showbox app to Version 2.7.3. Kindly check out the release notes HERE.

Okay, talking about today’s game. I find it quite stunning in painting and sound effect, also very comfortable to play. Earlier in this year, Showbox has recommended you some great mobile games with Gorgeous Images and Sound Effects. Kindly review the articles HERE & HERE.


Check this video out to meet our new game of contest.


Game Title: Mr. Catt

Game Category: Puzzle Game

Contest Duration: 15th, Oct. 2016 – 28th, Oct. 2016 SGT 23:59 (TWO WEEK!)

mr catt Showbox contest


Before I state the rules of this game contest, we’d like to  reaffirm once more that Showbox will not allow any kinds of cheating behaviors.

In the previous contests, we’ve found that some of the participators applied for more than one Showbox accounts to win contest rewards (someone even uses more than one devices to apply different accounts) . This kind of behaviors are strictly not allowed. We’ve blocked some of the cheating uses’ accounts as a warning. If we found again, will block both account & device.

Dear Showbox members, please do not try to use cheating ways to win more. We are taking this seriously and we’re hoping every members are in a fair situation to play game and win rewards. Thank you for your understanding.


So, here’s the rules for today’s game contest:

  1. You play Mr.Catt and enjoy the game;
  2. Take a screenshot of your result and comment to this post (in Showbox App), there is a qualified sample below for you to refer to; you might have chances to win CASH-POINTS.


The Rewards are MORE for this game contest:

  1. The first 100 participators who completed all tutorial levels could earn 500 CASH-POINTS!! (That’s a lot of chances right?);

    in-app contest screenshot sample mr catt showbox

    Your score will be counted only when you submit both of the screenshots needed.

  2. Members who come up with great tips for Mr. Catt will earn extra 50 CASH-POINTS! (Yes, feel free to share your trick of playing games!)
  3. In the end of this contest week, top 5 gamers who complete most levels are our weekly winners, will earn 10,000 CASH-POINTS each! The TOP winner will get 10,000 extra CASH-POINTS. (That’s quite generous, isn’t it?)

For Rewards 3, we encourage Showbox members to submit your best Stage every day, so we could track your progress!

You may also share you result to your friends and #goshowbox in Facebook & Twitter also. Sharing is always cool thing.

Share our information to your friends if they haven’t join Showbox Game Contest! Remember to give them your personal referral code and you’ll get bonus!

share Showbox

This is first time Showbox provides so many rewards for game contest, hope you guys like this game and our new rule. Let’s enjoy this beautiful game now!


Please read T&C CAREFULLY:
1. Any modification of your screenshot is not allowed. Once found, you will be disqualified from the contest;
2. If there’re more than one member who got the same score for the weekly winners, will choose the one who get a higher score of that Stage;
3. For Tutorial Completion Rewards, each person/each mobile device holder will only be rewarded once. Once found, your account will be blocked.
4. The rewards will be sending one the next working day;
5. Showbox Group reserves the rights to change or terminate the competition without notice.

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