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[Resource] Do Not Promote Your App Before You Read This List!

I know you have searched all over the Internet looking for resources to help you develop & promote your apps.

Got overwhelmed with countless blogs out there, right?

Congratulations for landing on this page!

We help you search and screening for the best information you need to know. Some of them are not from those big sites that everybody is mentioning, so it is hard for you to find them by yourself.

Make sure you share and bookmark this page before you competitors do! Because it is the most-frequently-updated page on our blog. We will add it in immediately when we find a really good one that you cannot afford to miss!

Let’s start with some inspiration:

The Best TED Talks On Publishing You Should See For Inspiration

Mobile Application Development:

The Ultimate Guide for How to Create an App

Mobile Apps and Big Data – Combo of the Future?

User Experience Design: 7 Steps To Making The App User The Hero Of Their Own Experience

App Marketing:

App Store Optimization – 8 Simple Steps to Rank to Top (Fast)

7 Easiest Ways to Rank to Top of Google Play without ASO

List of 100 Mobile Game Review Sites

Is Your Marketing Business Using the Proper Social Media Etiquette?

Facebook Live Video and Some Tips Marketers Need to Know

Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising Tips for Business Owners

4 Must-Have SEO Hacks for Better Mobile Marketing

3 Ways to Cross-Promote Your Game

11 Insanely Effective Mobile App Growth Hacks

Dominating Influencer Marketing: Your Guide to Growing a Mobile Game Through Influencers

User Acquisition:

How to gather user emails in your mobile game?

Mobile user acquisition: what’s really working (and, separating hype from truth)


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