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[Let’s Chat] Game Contests & Coming Release

From the first Game Contest in Showbox Facebook to last Game Contest “Ojello”, it’s almost half a year. In these days, we are so glad because of the new session, we could know many of magnificent game players and loyal Showbox members. Since we are doing an important upgrade to both Showbox App and Showbox Website, today we’d like to have a casual chat with all of you, our dear members, our friends.

It’s Amy’s 26th time talking with you, faithfully.

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Game Contests

You might find that recently we were doing more instant game instead of games from Play Store. How do you like those instant games? Please leave comments below so we could improve accordingly.
Our team thought it might be quite simple to access the games, so you don’t need to download games to play, saving the memory of your phone. On the other side, many of the instant games are quite light and simple, sometimes is not that challengeable to some of gamers. I just want to tell you guys we realize those advices too, and our team are trying to gather more cool games for you!

You could review those contests we held by clicking the subjects of contest below.


Planet Spin

Tropic Pirate Treasure

Hero Jump

Funky Twich

Legend of Samurai

Back the Home

X-trial Racing

Combat Squad

League of Beauties

Homerun King

Which one is your favourite? Amy’s personal favourite is Ojello and Combat Squad. They’re quite interesting and Ojello is quite a challengeable puzzle game (for me XD). Tell us your opinion!

Sneak Preview of Coming Release

Great news! Currently all our team members are madly busy with upgrading our app & website. We really want to provide you a more convenient and simple platform to play games and battle with each other. That’s why we decided to pause the game contests for a couple of days so that when our new version app comes, you guys could enjoy the updated app with many games immediately! We’ll add more functions and interactions on our platform. Hope you find Showbox a great gaming place to stay.

So, if you have any advices or suggestions about our game contests & apps, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below. I’d like to hear your voice. And Amy will answer your questions in comments if there’s any. Hope after this chatting we could know more about you so that we could improve more!

Thank you guys, for supporting Showbox continuously!



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