Killing Time Adventure & Action Games with Gorgeous Images and Sound Effects

Killing Time Adventure & Action Games with Gorgeous Images and Sound Effects

Have you tried those three gorgeous puzzle games last weekend? As promise, today we’ll introduce you three more fun games with incredible images and sound effects. All the three games are adventure games.

1. Badland

If you have played Limbo before, when first playing Badland, you’ll get the similar feeling with that when you played Limbo: it draws you with a trippy silhouetted art style and an ambient soundtrack. You’re not given much of a story to go on, except that you seem to be a furry little hedgehog creature that awkwardly flaps its futile little arms/wings to get across each stage. The control is simple, that you tap on the screen, the creature drifts up in the air. The longer you press, the higher the creature will fly and the farther to the right it will go. All you need to do is to survive as long as you could. Somehow it feels the same like when you are playing Flappy Bird. Do not fall off the left side of the screen or get smashed by some trap to make it to the next stage.

The first couple of levels seem quite straightforward to play through. However, after you get used to flier and the feel of Badland’s physics, you’ll have the ability to clone. And you’ll need to meet the challenge of trying to save not only one creature but a whole swarm of them to go through some obstacles the game set. I believe one cool part of this game is you are always exploring the new unknown world. The puzzle design is excellent. There are dozens of obstacles to avoid, from bombs and spikes to lasers, cogs and the maze-like environment itself. It is genuinely challenging but you could simply go back and try again if you die. Some parts do need a couple of goes.

Badland has inky black silhouettes in the foreground as your character(s) while the background is incredibly vivid and bright by contrast. It is really pretty to look and easily get you into the atmosphere of the game. So is the sound effects, making you fall into the world Badland built for you. It sounds quite natural, just like when you are in a forest far away from city. You’ll feel great appeal when getting into it.

2. Nihilumbra

Feel obsessed with Badland already? You might want to try another stunning adventure game Nihilumbra.

Playing Nihilumbra is more like experiencing a short anime film starring you, with the cool background story-telling music. The game is somehow telling a tale: You are Born. But you have escaped from the Void and now you are in the world. The Void sends creatures to reclaim you, and you must learn to defend yourself.

Throughout the game there’s a man’s voice that could hint about whom you are and other things about your being and soul as well as provided hints on puzzles.

Similar with Bandland, you’ll only know what is going on next when you passing through the difficulties and reaching the higher levels. And the playing will not be as direct as before, you’ll face some challenges and be given the power of colour.This is the best part. Each world you explore has a color to share, and each color is a new power. Here comes the puzzle part. The story becomes more vivid and adventurous.

The tone of the game is a little dark because of the story. The music and graphics are serving the story perfectly. The lone role, you, will overcome all the difficulties on the way and reach the bright.

Oh one thing need to be mentioned, Nihilumbra is a game played by both hands. Actually it provides the feel when playing an Xbox right?

3. Alto’s Adventure

Okay, after experiencing two adventure games with too much shadow, it’s time to have a bright one. Try Alto’s Adventure and have fun playing with snowboard. The look is decent and elegant, not as dark as the first two. And the background music is quite sweet to listen to.

At the root of every endless runner is the need to survive as long as possible and Alto’s Adventure is no different. And what it happens is just so satisfying.

You start as Alto, a young shepherd boy who happens to like snowboarding and needs to catch llamas that escaped down the soft slopes of his village. You are trained to become more and more professional playing snowboard and you’ll need to finish different tasks to reach higher levels. As you complete these sets of three achievements, you’ll level up, which gradually unlocks new snowboarders. You’ll also grind down roofs, avoid rocks, perform backflips, collect coins and jump over dangerous chasms on your journey.

It’s stunningly simple, and its mountain setting is at times utterly beautiful. You’ll meet various climates or views when playing at different time and in different levels. The adventure is always fresh and wonderful.

Our life is just like a big adventure game, we all need to overcome difficulties to get better. Try those games when you are out of work, share with us your feelings and recommand us your favourite adventure game(s)!

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