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Get 10,000 Cash Points For Playing ‘Jrump’

Hey Guys! This is Amy’s first time talking to you.
Here introduces you a hilariously fun game and for the first time, you could earn up to 10,000 CASH POINTS!

Have you updated your Showbox App to the latest version? If not, quickly have an update and you’ll find that in our app, there’s a new tab called ‘Game Contests’. You could know more about Showbox Verison 2.7.0 HERE.

I believe some of you have participated our Facebook game contest, I’m very happy to tell you besides Showbox Facebook, now you guys could also earn Showbox Cash Points for playing games! So from now on, we’ll pick up some great new games for you guys, you may have chances to earn cash points for playing them! Isn’t that excited?!

So here’re the contest details for this week:

Game Title: Jrump
Game Category: Arcade


Contest Duration: 26th Sep. 2016 – 2nd Oct. 2016 SGT23:59(one week)

How to participate:

1. You play Jrump and try to get as higher scores as you could;
2. Take a screenshot of Leaderboard with your nickname & game scores and comment to this post (in Showbox App), there is a qualified sample below;
3. Top 5 scores of each day (00:00 – 23:59 SGT) will get 5,000 Showbox CASH Points (You guys know how much USD is this XD );
4. Top score in this contest week will get 10,000 Showbox CASH Points!!!!

Here’s an example that how you could get a qualified screenshot:

in-app contest screenshot-jrump

Participators who comment with the correct screenshots below the post in Showbox app will be counted as qualified results.

Simple, right?

Personally I am quite addictive to this funny game (just recover from last Showbox campaign game Six! haha). Jrump is hilarious, easy to start, but at the same time very challenging. You guys see the screenshot at Step.2 above? Let me sadly tell you that that’s my highest score of these several days lol. You’ll need to have some time to get familiar with the tempo of “Jrump” to make him not fall down so quickly.

Is there any tips for this kind of arcade games? Yes. You know what, practice makes perfect.

If you have any better magic tips of playing Jrump, be generous to share with us! We’ll see who can get the highest score of this mini game!

So without further ado, let’s play and get points NOW!

Feel free to share our contest with your friends if you found the game is fun!

Kindly download Showbox HERE to participate the cool contest.

1. Any modification of your screenshot is not allowed. Once found, you will be disqualified from the contest;
2. If there’re more than one member who got the same score (in top 5 of each day), will choose the one who submitted first;
3. For the daily reward, each person/each mobile device holder will only be rewarded once;
4. The winners will receive the points on the next day(weekdays), for winners on Fri, Sat & Sun, they will receive the points on the next Monday;
5. Showbox Group reserves the rights to change or terminate the competition without notice.

2 thoughts on “Get 10,000 Cash Points For Playing ‘Jrump’

  1. LOL like this game!
    Thanks Amy, for recommending this funny game.
    I’m trying to get a higher score, but to be honest, it becomes far too difficult when I came to “New York”

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