Showbox Game Review Action Game WarFriends

Can you win the battle against friend and foe alike? Find out in WarFriends.

WarFriends takes the concept of real-time battle and turns it into all out war. Can you defeat friend and foe on the battlefield?

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Name of the App     WarFriends
Genre Action
Platform(s) Android, iPhone, Tablet
App Cost Free (In-App Purchases)
Google Play Rating 4.6
Age Group Google Play: Teen
Gambling Content No Gambling Content in Game Play

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Showbox Game Review Action Game WarFriends1

WarFriends is a very cute game that contains a lot of action and violence. The aim of the game is to raise an army and survive battles between friend and foe alike in this 3D tactical game. It is rated teen so you can imagine that the battles themselves can be a little heated and beyond your standard cartoon violence, though it doesn’t hit any mark that is too far beyond gone.

The gameplay is straightforward and helps keep the action going. Players are allowed enough flexibility to dodge bullets and move around freely while dealing with combat. It keeps the action fluid and exciting in the best of ways and the tactical strategy one can use in the same space really does allow players to experience combat in a fun way.

Showbox Game Review Action Game WarFriends2The main issue the game has is with ads. Those can get quite annoying and disrupt gameplay at times, but they are really nothing new in the app game world. If you can bypass those, or buy the ad-free experience, then you will no doubt enjoy WarFriends a lot more.

Art and Sound Design

Showbox Game Review Action Game WarFriends3

WarFriends is surprisingly cute for the style of the game. Players are made in chibi form and run around with stylistic animations that make the whole experience almost comical. The sound design does help it be a bit more serious, despite the cute art style. It all makes for an enjoyable experience, despite the odd choices.

Final Thoughts:

WarFriends is, overall, a fun experience with very few flaws. It is a great game to play with friends and the action is nice, crisp and smooth. While the ads can be annoying and the art style is a little mismatched, it still makes for a fun experience that action fans are sure to enjoy. If you want to experience some mobile-friendly combat with your friends then definitely give this game a shot.

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