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It’s not Mario and Luigi taking the stage this time. Can you take your fuzzy family and conquer the many levels of Super Cat Bros?

It’s Super Mario World all over again: great pixel visuals, simplistic controls versus and ever-growing difficulty and over fifty levels to try them out in. The difference? This time, you’re going to be bringing your furry family of six to the playing field. Can you put your paws to the test in Super Cat Bros?

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Name of the App     Super Cat Bros
Genre Action
Developer FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG
Platform(s) Android, iPhone, Tablet
App Cost Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
Google Play Rating 4.8
Age Group Google Play: Everyone
Gambling Content No Gambling Content in Game Play

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As mentioned before the idea behind Super Cat Bros is pretty straightforward: Super Mario Bros with adorable, fluffy cats. You get six cats in total and must choose which to bring along for every level, giving Super Cat Bros a slight bit of strategy to its action gameplay.

Control-wise, Super Cat Bros is simple. You tap your thumbs on either the left or right side of the screen in order to swim, jump, run and perform other actions to beat every level that is thrown up against you. It falls right back to the simplistic and stylized charm of Super Mario Bros and holds a lot of the same charm. It is, without question, an homage to the pixelated plumbers’ earlier games in numerous ways but still manages to have its own unique sense of self.

There’s really no downsides to Super Cat Bros. It is fluid, functional and a delight to play altogether. There are in-app purchases, as is normal, but they will not hinder your game in any major way if not purchased.

Art and Sound Design

Super Cat Bros sticks with the old school Mario style of pixelated art but makes it much crisper and easier to look at. With beautiful bright colors, pristine animations and excellent background music and sound design in general, Super Cat Bros is a sensory treat and absolutely wonderful to experience on a visual and auditory level.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Super Cat Bros succeeds not only as its own game but as a fitting homage to Super Mario Bros. The art and sound are all crisp, bright and stand out on their own merit. Each animation and creature seems to come to life with how the developers have designed them. The controls are all fluid and work quite well for every single challenge that is thrown at the player for different levels. With the six different cats you have to choose from there are also many different ways for you to play Super Cat Bros in your own style, though you will want to be using some strategy on who to take with you per level. Each cat has their own strengths and weaknesses and it is important to know which will best fit any given scenario.

Super Cat Bros is a great homage and an excellent addition to the action platformer genre. Definitely give it a try if you want a retro blast.

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