Showbox Sports Game Review NBA InPlay

Who’s the star of the game? Place your bets in NBA InPlay and experience fantasy sports in an all new way.

Are you up to assembling the dream team? NBA InPlay brings fans closer to the NBA than ever before with team management ala fantasy basketball style. Pick your team, play the game and participate in the competitive season like you never could before.

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Name of the App     NBA InPlay
Genre Sports
Developer NBA Digital
Platform(s) Android, iPhone, Tablet
App Cost Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
Google Play Rating 4.5
Age Group Google Play: Everyone
Gambling Content No Gambling Content in Game Play



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NBA InPlay is an interesting experiment in bonding basketball and sports fan to gaming like no other. The game lets you sit in with live games, make your picks, manage the team and add to the action to earn points and rack up wins in real time. It’s not a perfect game by any means but for fans of basketball it is definitely a lot of fun.

Showbox Sports Game Review NBA InPlay1

The aim of the game is to participate in a live game like never before. Any NBA game on TNT, NBA TV, ESPN or ABC is open to the app in real time. Players pick their athlete to earn points – you pick who you think is going to up the numbers. It is basically like fantasy football / basketball except it is live and in app form. Like fantasy basketball, you can compete against friends and other managers to earn NBA prizes and work alongside your favorite athletes.

It’s a unique take on sports games for sure. The problem this game has is that it freezes quite a bit. Personally, I went through four freezes and ended up losing time and points while having to restart the app. Keeping up with a game in real time is definitely a difficult feat for programmers and developers so no real anger here. It would be nice to see it improve, however.

Art and Sound Design

The art and sound design are about what you would expect. The pictures of players are spot on realistic but the actual 3D models are a little behind. They look fine, of course, and the sound design helps make it feel like a real game, so there’s nothing to complain about from that perspective. It brings the excitement just as well as it should.

Final Thoughts:

Showbox Sports Game Review NBA InPlay2

Overall, NBA InPlay is a great idea that needs a bit of work. Like any fantasy management for sports, it focuses on picking players you think will excel and competing against others across the globe. The most interesting thing it does is try and keep up with live games in real time, which is absolutely an innovative and interesting feature – or, it would be if it worked properly. NBA InPlay is set to be a great game and app once the bugs it faces are fixed for sure. The point system needs a little fine tuning and the freezing definitely needs to stop. If you’re a sports fan then this game will no doubt be a delight.

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