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A whole world awaits in this vast trading care game — can you rise to the top as a duelist in Mabinogi?

It’s time to duel! Trade, gather and battle cards from all over the Mabinogi universe until you have assembled the ultimate fighting force.  Can you top the player charts as the best duelist?

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Name of the App     Mabinogi Duel
Genre Card
Developer NEXON Company
Platform(s) Android, iPhone, Tablet
App Cost Free (In-App Purchases)
Google Play Rating 4.3
Age Group Google Play: Teen
Gambling Content No Gambling Content in Game Play

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Showbox Game Review Card game Mabinogi Duel


Mabinogi Duel takes a more serious tone when it comes to a mobile trading card game but keeps all the basics. Players can travel through the in-game universe of Mabinogi world, collect cards, duel other players and experience numerous different kinds of missions and tests against the deck you will slowly build as you explore and battle other players.
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Mabinogi Duel has apparently gone through quite a few updates, so it is difficult to tell what was different in the past versus how the game is now. For the most part, the game itself is straightforward and focuses players on collecting, grinding for cards, exploring shops and dueling to gain footing in the Mabinogi world as a whole. The balance of the cards can come into question every so often, as a lot of cards seem to be almost unbalanced in power compared to what rookies can muster in the beginning. Dueling other players and taking on missions is fun, without question, but new players might feel a little disappointment when they encounter some of these one-hit-kill cards or other such powerhouses.

Despite its fun and dedication to the trading card game style, Mabinogi Duel does still have the occasional bug that is still being worked out. The game crashed twice on me personally and I ended up having to start from scratch. However, NEXON Company seems to be keeping an eye on complaints and is still working on fixes needed to make Mabinogi Duel more stable as a whole. Once it reaches that point and the cards become a bit more balanced, the game is certain to shine.

Art and Sound Design

Showbox Game Review Card game Mabinogi Duel 2

Mabinogi Duel takes an interesting and somber tone to its art and sound. The art is very reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors and other fantasy / old-style animes with dark colors, deep saturation and a beautiful palette that makes the world of Mabinogi seem epic in many ways. The sound design is capable of getting players enticed in the world as well as in the duel. It can bring a sense of epic battle to dark foreboding such as in the opening cutscene. Mabinogi Duel goes far beyond what a simple trading card game needs to do in terms of aesthetics to bring the world of Mabinogi to life.

Final Thoughts:

Mabinogi Duel does a lot of the trading card game formula by the book while also throwing in a lot of effort with some of its art, sound and gameplay elements. The daily missions or special missions can mix up the monotony that usually comes with trading card games and the slog to collect a great deck. However, with the unbalanced cards and occasional bug still being a factor, these two elements stop the game from really shining as its own entity. Once these are fixed, then Mabinogi Duel will no doubt have the chance to be a gem in its own right. It has a lot going for it and fans of trading card games are sure to get enjoyment out of it. Give it a chance for yourself and stay tuned for future fixes.


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