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League of Beauties: What could be better than a mythical world with a beautiful woman? How about over fifty mythological women all ready to come to your aid.

What, oh, what is a young man to do when he’s teleported to a world full of mythological beauties?  These elemental, beautifully-voiced and crafted ladies are yours to command in battles against other beauties and foes. Navigate dungeons, battle players and create your perfect roster of legendary beauties; sounds like a dream come true, right?

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Name of the App     League of Beauties
Genre Role-Playing
Developer GameSky Global PTE LTD
Platform(s) Android, iPhone, Tablet
App Cost Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
Google Play Rating 4.5
Age Group Google Play: Teen
Gambling Content No Gambling Content in Game Play

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League of Beauties is immediately reminiscent of Hunie Pop in its gameplay. You and your legendary beauties will be battling out in powerful elemental battles, navigating dungeons, raising a pet to help you in combat and generally living the dream anime life of a young man transported to a fantastic world full of beautiful women.

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The gameplay is pretty simple, for the most part. There are various levels to consider, tokens to get and other aspects that can make the game challenging – even frustrating for some. However, the look of League of Beauties is absolutely stellar and the voice acting is also pretty impressive. The art style will be discussed in a moment.

One more good thing from this game is that it have 3 game languages, English, Mandarin Chinese and Thai.  The developer did the localization quite well, including the characters’ voices. Gamers from different places could enjoy the game in their own languages, isn’t it awesome? We’re also looking forward that this game could have more languages choices.

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The main downside to League of Beauties comes from the deep addiction to the beauties and play. Hopefully 12+years-old young teens could balance their playing time and life. While the beauties are definitely entertaining and rich in their own anime archetype personalities, you’d better spend more time playing it to acheive more or do some in-app purchase to improve your characters. If players can get past the unbalanced difficulty at times, League of Beauties still remains a fun RPG experience.

Art and Sound Design

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It goes without saying that League of Beauties is, in a word, beautiful. The style of the animations, the sound design and the voice acting all make it feel like you’re really there in ancient times and working your way towards building a roster of beauties to help you on your quest. The art is gorgeously anime styled and all-around great to look at. It’s definitely a game that is easy on the eyes.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, League of Beauties is a fun experience and one that will definitely appeal to teens looking to build a harem of beautiful mythological women. It can be quite challenging, despite the Hunie Pop style of gameplay, and the in-app purchases might make it a bit annoying (if you’re always a “free game player”). However, the developer has shown resolve in fixing these issues and responding to all concerns in the comments, so hopefully the experience will get better.

With its beautiful art, excellent voice acting, amazing sound design and overall atmosphere, League of Beauties feels like an epic anime as well as a fantastic addition to the RPG genre. Fans of either will most certainly find a lot to love about League of Beauties, especially in the case of the beauties themselves.

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