Showbox Game Review Role Playing Creature Quest

Hundreds of beasts, endless dungeons and a grand world awaits adventure — can you conquer Creature Quest?

Over five hundred beasts, an enormous world and endless dungeons – can you conquer Creature Quest?

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Name of the App     Creature Quest
Genre Role Playing
Developer VC Mobile Entertainment, Inc.
Platform(s) Android, iPhone, Tablet
App Cost Free (In-App Purchases)
Google Play Rating 4.4
Age Group Google Play: Everyone
Gambling Content No Gambling Content in Game Play

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Creature Quest takes team-building strategy and mixes it with classic role-playing elements to create an adventurous and challenging game. Offering over five hundred different fantasy monsters, the player’s job is to collect a winning team, train them up and take on battles across the world to conquer quests, form guilds and even engage in building your own dungeon and PvP combat.

Creature Quest has interesting talent behind it from Heroes of Might and Magic creator Jon Van Caneghem and the stylistic choices definitely show. The fantasy artwork, epic sound scale and gameplay all reflect the elements of a true RPG with strategic elements done beautifully.

While Creature Quest offs an uncountable amount of hours playing, finding beasts and conquering dungeons, it is not without little ticks here and there. Some of the timing in the battles and charging can run either too quickly or too slowly, not allowing the player time to either form a strategy or making them wait before they are recharged. This can make the collection aspect of the game, as well as the PvP, a bit annoying. Ultimately, however, it doesn’t detract from the overall gameplay.

Art and Sound Design

Showbox Game Review Role Playing Creature Quest3  Showbox Game Review Role Playing Creature Quest2

Creature Quest features very old school fantasy style art as well as a sound design that helps make it feel like a true RPG versus a cute collect-a-thon game for fantasy monsters. It makes the game feel grand in scale in a big way and adds a lot to the environment. The game is, in a word, very pretty to both listen to and look at.

Final Thoughts:

Creature Quest has a lot of room for addictive gameplay. With all the beasts, quests, modes and challenges that are packed into the game, players will not find themselves bored anytime soon. There are little ticks here and there – timing and the occasional bug, but the developers have proven to be very good at listening to concerns on the game page and these issues are hardly anything that will take away from the excellent gameplay. Fans of RPGs and strategy games alike will definitely get a lot out of Creature Quest.


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