Showbox Strategy Mobile Game Review castle creeps

Can you withstand the hordes and save the kingdom? Find out in Castle Creeps.

Castle Creeps brings back the old tower defense / roleplaying strategy of yesteryear with some cute graphics and exciting new twists and turns. Can you survive the hordes of creeps and ghouls?

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Name of the App     Castle Creeps TD
Genre Strategy
Developer Outplay Entertainment
Platform(s) Android, iPhone, Tablet
App Cost Free (In-App Purchases)
Google Play Rating 4.5
Age Group Google Play: Everyone 10+
Gambling Content No Gambling Content in Game Play

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The gameplay is pretty straightforward in Castle Creeps. It is very much so a tower defense and strategy game that allows players to rush into a comedic story full of epic fantasy, monsters, creeps and the ability to command a small team of heroes – most of which are unlockable as you progress through  the story.

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Castle Creeps relies a lot on the old school Super Mario RPG style of play meets tower defense games, as mentioned earlier. The aim of the game is to increase your team, weapons, advance the story, battle warlords and generally live out an epic fantasy story in which you are the hero. Essentially, your goal is to defend the kingdom like any good medieval hero would.

The gameplay itself is very smooth and responsive. There were only a couple of frozen screens for a brief moment before it got right back on track. Of course, the freezing is also its biggest downfall at the moment but the developers have proven they are hard at work at providing ever-expanding content and patches. It’s a good experience for strategy and fantasy lovers, without question.

 Art and Sound Design

Showbox Strategy Mobile Game Review castle creeps 2

Castle Creeps has a very cartoonish style with lots of bright, vibrant colors that help sell it as a fantasy game. It’s not your standard dark or brooding medieval fantasy game but it works well on its own accord and helps give Castle Creeps a lot of energy for a strategy game. The sound design is equally energetic and helps keep things exciting and bouncy as players transition throughout each chapter. It’s a well done combination.

Final Thoughts

Castle Creeps is a very fun experience, even if you aren’t particularly into strategy games. It has an epic world, a fun story to get entangled to, cute art and sound design and a general environment that is easy to get sucked into. While it might freeze on occasion, the game mostly runs smoothly and is a lot of fun to play. If you are a fan of fantasy, tower defense or strategy games then it is definitely worth a look.

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