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Hey guys! How do you like that instant game we recommended for you from last week? Simple and fun right?
Today Amy’s going to introduce you another fun instant game to play.

It’s Amy’s 18th talking with you guys!
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I know that some of you love racing games a lot, it’s time for you to show up!

Name of the Game: X-Trial Racing
Contest Period: 15th Dec 2016 – 21st Dec 2016
Game Genre: Racing Game, Instant Game

Check out the game review written by our editor:

Can you beat the X-Trials in the best time without crashing? You’ll have to play to find out.

Click the icon below to access this fun game:

X-trial racing Showbox game

Contest Rules:

*Just want to remind everybody again that please do not try to use any inappropriate ways to achieve high scores or receive more than one rewards of each prize category. Once found, well block your Showbox id immediately.

1. You play X-Trial Racing, enjoy the game and try to get as higher score as you could;

2. Take a screenshot of requested and comment to this post (in Showbox App). If you dont have Showbox in your phone, download Showbox App HERE.

Rewards (Guys, make sure you submit the correct screenshots to get CASH-Points):

1. Showbox will award 500 CASH-POINTS each (first 100 submissions), to gamers who owns at least three bikes in game, you’ll need to submit screenshots to prove it. Any three bikes is okay.

2. Top 5 gamers with the shortest time clear Level 10 will get 2,500 CASH-POINTS of each contest day, see the screenshot sample below:

Showbox Game Contest X-trial Racing Racing Game Html5 Game'

3. Showbox will award  5,000 CASH-Points each (first 5 submissions) to whom completed all levels of X-Trial Racing with full stars (3 stars). Please submit all three screenshots to show all the levels result, as well as the screenshots showing your time of last level (Which means you’ll need to submit 4 screenshots to be qualified).

4. Members who provide any useful reviews or tips about X-Trial Racing will earn 20 CASH-POINTS, we’ll also share your ideas to twitter!

You may share you result to your friends and #goshowbox in Facebook & Twitter also. Sharing is always cool thing.

Share our information to your friends if they haven’t join Showbox Game Contest! Remember to give them your personal referral code and you’ll get bonus!

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  1. Any modification of your screenshot is not allowed. Once found, you will be disqualified from the contest;
  2. If there’re more than one member who got the same score, will choose the one who submitted first;
  3. For the daily rewards, each person/each mobile device holder will only be rewarded once; Any kinds of cheating behaviors are strictly not allowed, if found, your account will be blocked immediately. 
  4. The winners will receive the points on the next working day;
  5. Showbox Group reserves the rights to change or terminate the competition without notice.

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