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Win Cash-Points For Playing Ojello!

Meet OJELLO, an exclusive edition based on our award winning puzzle game!
OJELLO is a unique brain and puzzle game in which you need to find the best way to cut a shape to collect the orbs.

It’s Amy’s 25th talking with you.
Last few days we were on holiday to celebrate Chinese New Year (year of rooster). Have you had great time with your family also?

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Before I intruduce you the game of contest today, I’d like to have a chit-chat with you guys, especially the ones who are always very active in our “Game Contest” session. I know that everybody wants to achieve high scores to win our rewards. However, the number of rewards are limited. I’ve thought about this also, so in recent game contests, we set a small prize for whom at least make some efforts for playing games Showbox receommended. Recently, we found that some of the game contest participators used improper ways to get more Cash-Points. Those behaviors included edit their result screenshots, apply more than one Showbox accounts, playing games in unnormal situation etc. We don’t want to see that happened.We were very kind to those members who played tricks. But the behaviors seem more these days. Just want to remind you that please do not try to use tricks to get more points from us. It is not fair to those members who tried very hard to get high scores. It’s just small game contest and hope everyone could play it in proper ways and enjoy a lot by playing it. Showbox will definitely bring more games and contests to you guys. Thank you!

OK. Let’s meet today’s game of contest. I myself find it quite interesting and requires some thinking!

You could check some of the playing by watching this video:

Name of the Game: Ojello

Contest Period: 2nd Fec 2017 – 8th Feb 2017

Game Genre: Puzzle Game, Instant Game

Kindly access this game by clicking the icon below:

Showbox Mobile Puzzle Game Contest Ojello Instant Game Icon

Contest Rules:

***Take note that youll need to update your Showbox App to the latest version to access this game properly. Make sure youre using Showbox App to open this game, since your result will only be valid when you play the game within Showbox App.

***Kindly update your Showbox HERE.

***Just want to remind everybody again that please do not try to use inappropriate ways to receive points. Once found, we’ll block your Showbox id immediately.

1. You open Showbox App and enter <Game Contest> to Ojello, enjoy the game and try to get as many scores as you could;

2. Take a screenshot of your best score and comment to this post (in Showbox App). If you don’t have Showbox in your phone, download Showbox App HERE(Take Note that your screenshot must show the whole screen of your phone. If the screenshot was cropped, we would not count it as valid submission.)

Showbox Mobile Puzzle Game Contest Ojello Instant Game sample

showbox game contest rewards


1. Showbox will award 500 CASH-POINTS each (first 100 submissions), to gamers who passed at least level 50;

2First 5 gamers who completed the game which is to pass level 118 could get 5,000 CASH-POINTS; 6th – 20th gamers who completed the game could get 2,500 CASH-POINTS; 21st – 50th gamers who completed the game could get 1,000 CASH-POINTS;

You may share you result to your friends and #goshowbox in Facebook & Twitter also. Sharing is always a cool thing.

Share our app with your friends if they haven’t use Showbox before. Remember to give them your personal referral code and you could get bonus when they completed any offer!

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  1. Any modification of your screenshot is not allowed. Once found, you will be disqualified from the contest;
  2. If there’re more than one member who got the same score, will choose the one who submitted first;
  3. For the daily rewards, each person/each mobile device holder will only be rewarded once; 
  4. The winners will receive the points on the next working day;

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