Showbox Game Contest Arcade Game Danger Sense

Win 8,000 CASH-POINTS For Playing Danger Sense | Till 23 Apr, 2017

To survive as long as you could. Dodging meteors and upgrade your character. Danger sense is a very simple but addictive game.

Updated your Showbox to the latest version to play fun games and win Cash Rewards!


Name of the Game: Danger Sense

Contest Period: 15 Apr 2017 – 23 Apr 2017 (SGT)

Game Genre: Arcade Game, Instant Game

Access the game by clicking the icon below

Danger Sense Icon


Rules & Rewards:

*Take note that you’ll need to update your Showbox App to the latest version to access this game properly.

*Make sure you’re using Showbox App to open this game, since your result will only be valid when you play the game within Showbox App.

Top 1  


Top 2  – Top 5


Top 6 – Top 10


Top 11 – Top 20


Top 21 – Top 30


Members could simply check your ranking by clicking the top right corner button.

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  1. Each person/each mobile device holder will only be rewarded once; 
  2. The winners will receive the points on the next working day after the contest week;
  3. Showbox Group reserves the rights to change or terminate the competition without notice.

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