Enigma Tiny spy adventure adventure game Showbox review

It’s WW2, you’re behind enemy lines with only your wits – can your detective skills best Enigma Point and Click Adventure?

Enigma Point and Click Adventure takes a retro approach to point and click detective work, all at the hands of a charming WW2 soldier. How good are your detective skills?

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Name of the App     Enigma Point & Click Adventure
Genre Adventure / Point and Click / Retro
Developer Bad Pixel
Platform(s) Android, iPhone, Tablet
App Cost Free
Google Play Rating 4.6
Age Group Google Play: Everyone 10+
Gambling Content No Gambling Content in Game Play

Enigma-Tiny-Spy-New-Point-Click-Adventure showbox game review


Enigma Point tiny spy Click Adventure Showbox game review

Enigma Point & Click Adventure takes players back to the times of WW2, and is steeped with atmosphere and intrigue as players are forced to flee enemy forces, escape occupied territory, solve puzzles and mysteries and survive as they travel through Europe. Your character is a secret agent soldier, creeping through Europe step by step as he deciphers enemy code, steals intel and necessary items and acts the part of a tiny detective and spy.

The gameplay of Enigma Point & Click Adventure is absolutely on point when it comes to emulating old school point and click adventures. The style makes it adorable to play three all three chapters of the game, which also holds a surprisingly compelling storyline for this sort of game, though it is in the spirit of other retro point and click games.

Enigma Point tiny spy Click Adventure Showbox game review2

There’s really not much drawback to Enigma Point and Click Adventure. The gameplay is smooth, challenging and discovering hidden items makes it all the more exciting to try and search every nook and cranny. The challenge might put some off, especially those who aren’t used to the point and click style of adventure game, but players who enjoy pitting their wits up against a mystery and plentiful puzzles will find no shortage of entertainment in Enigma Point and Click Adventure.

Art and Sound Design

Enigma Point tiny spy Click Adventure Showbox game review3

Without question, Enigma Point and Click Adventure’s style is absolutely adorable. It is colorful, stylized and an all-around pleasant game to look at and listen to. The charm of the art style comes from the simplicity and the sound design fits right in with the retro feel and WW2 theme of being a secret agent. The combination of the two will definitely have players feeling like true secret agents.w

Final Thoughts:

Enigma Point and Click Adventure is a game that works on multiple levels. Not only does it take players back into the challenging, retro style of point and click adventures, but it also draws them into a compelling and hilarious story with puzzles, mysteries and plenty of things to discover. While the challenge might be a deciding factor for some, Enigma Point and Click Adventure is never unfair or outright cruel to players. It contains that classic level of difficulty that made solving the puzzles and progressing all that much sweeter in old school point and click adventure games. Enigma Point and Click Adventure is an experiment in a classic genre that paid off incredibly well, and is sure to keep players entertained throughout.

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