Jrump Game Contest Showbox Trump Congrats

Congrats to Donald Trump! Win Cash-Points for Playing “Jrump”

Congratulations to Mr. Donald Trump for being the 45th President of the US.

Dear Showbox members, are you still remembering that the first game of contest you played with us? Yes, it was “Jrump”, a very cute arcade game.

It’s Amy’s 13th time talking with you. Here we have the 10th game contest in Showbox! Thank you for being supportive all the time.

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Now Showbox decides to bring the mini game back to you and let’s have some fun with “Jrump” again XD. Also, let’s see how good you guys could be this time, since last time we did this game contest and so many of you have  reached very top positions in the “Jrump Leaderboard”, which were quite impressive.

If you’d like to review the first game contest of Showbox, kindly click HERE.

Check out the trailer of Jrump:

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jrump-icon donald trump game contest SHowbox congrats

Contest Time: 10th Nov, 2016 – 16th Nov, 2016 23:59SGT

Rules – Simple as usual, but be aware it’s different with the first contest:

*Just want to remind everybody again that please do not try to use any inappropriate ways to achieve high scores.

1. You play Jrump, enjoy the game. At the same time, try to get as higher score as you could in second level, which is in New Dork (means you’ll need to reach at least 3,000 to unblock New Dork);

2. Take a screenshot of Leaderboard (Result in New Dork) with your nickname(the nickname is better to be the same with your Showbox ID) & game scores and comment to this post (in Showbox App), you might also required to show screenshots with your score in Google Play Game if needed:


Take note that this time we are competiting the scores in New York.

Take note that this time we are competiting in New Dork. If your score is high enough to be top 100 NEW DORK, kindly take a screenshot with your nickname.


1. Showbox will treat first 100 gamers 500 CASH-POINTS to gamers who at least unblock 3 more costumes for Jrump, see the required screenshots below:

Jrump Game Contest Showbox Trump Congrats2

Any three costumes are fine to win 500 CASH-POINTS. It will be better if you could unblock more.

2. Top 5 scores of each day (00:00 – 23:59 SGT) will get 2,500 Showbox CASH-Points; 

3. Top 3 scores in this contest week will get 5,000 bonus CASH-Points!!!!

4. Members who provide any useful reviews or tips about ‘Jrump’ will earn 20 CASH-POINTS, we’ll also share your ideas to twitter!

You may share you result to your friends and #goshowbox in Facebook & Twitter also. Sharing is always cool thing.

Share our information to your friends if they haven’t join Showbox Game Contest! Remember to give them your personal referral code and you’ll get bonus!

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  1. Any modification of your screenshot is not allowed. Once found, you will be disqualified from the contest;
  2. If there’re more than one member who got the same score, will choose the one who submitted first;
  3. For the daily rewards, each person/each mobile device holder will only be rewarded once; For phone bill top-up option, 
  4. The winners will receive the points on the next working day;
  5. Showbox Group reserves the rights to change or terminate the competition without notice.


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