Showbox - Cash Rewards Android App Notice

A Reminder of Use of VPN/PROXY in Showbox App

Hi everyone!

Half of year 2016 has been passed. Today is the 1st day of July. How is your first half year going? Have you reached the goal you set in the beginning of this year?

We have released our updated version of Showbox app, if you haven’t update it yet, kindly update it HERE.

We would like to reiterate that using VPN/PROXY to access Showbox app is not allowed. Completing offers from countries other than yours is an inappropriate behavior and could result in a permanent ban from Showbox services.

You will receive a notification inside of Showbox app if you are using VPN/PROXY programs.

Showbox - Cash Rewards VPN1

After receiving this message, please refrain from using any VPN/PROXY program to access Showbox. If you continue to do so, your access to Showbox service will be revoked.

Showbox - Cash Rewards VPN2

We really do hope to improve our service by creating a fair ground for our Showbox members. Usage of VPN/PROXY programs is an exploit that needs to be prohibited in order to keep the balance of our service. We seek your mutual understanding and your support for Showbox.

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