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7 Easiest Ways to Rank to Top of Google Play without ASO

Every app developer and publisher wants their app at the top of Google Play search result page. But only very few apps make it to the top. Sometimes, the apps at the top are not even on the top ten list of the best apps in their categories. Yet they enjoy all the luxury of leading the pack. While your app, one of the best in the same category is not even seen at all.

But why is that so?

Recently, there’s been so much fuss about App Store Optimization (ASO). But it seems almost ever app publisher and developer is doing it one way or the other. Bad news is, only few apps can rank on Google Play search result page, whether you’re into ASO or not. So if you really want your app to rank at the top of Google Play, you’ll have to look beyond ASO to find very effective alternatives.

How To Make Your Apps Rank On Google Play Without ASO

Your app deserves the top spot on Google Play and I’ll show you how to make that happen.

Increase Downloads And Long Installs

One of the most important algorithms Google considers in app ranking is the number of the app downloads. The higher the number of your app download, the higher your app is ranked on Play Store. So how can you increase your app download to improve your Google Play ranking within the shortest possible time?   

why use showbox

Play smart, take advantage of Showbox, an app promotion platform with more than 3 million registered users on their database, all waiting to download and install your app. The good news is, Google considers installs, uninstalls and long installs as part of its key app ranking algorithms. Registered users on Showbox guarantee long install of your app and engagement to make sure your app maintain a top spot on Play Store.

Increase Positive Reviews And Ratings

If you have a great app that Play Store users cannot find on search result, there’s hardly any chance you’ll get good reviews and ratings for the app. This is another good reason why you should take advantage of Showbox promotion platform. Users on Showbox who download and install your app will engage with the app and give positive reviews and ratings accordingly to boost your app’s ranking on Google Play.

Once your app is at the top of Google Play with high downloads, reviews and ratings, more and more Play Store users will find it on search result page. That means more downloads, ratings, reviews and a good chance to dominate your app category.

Take Advantage Of The +1 Button

The +1 button on apps pages is one of the least used features on Google Play. But that’s one button you can easily use to boost your app’s ranking. If you have a high number of +1 on your app’s page, it adds value to your app’s ranking positively.

To click on this button, the user must have a Google+ account but may not be on Android. Users can visit your app’s Google Play page on a web browser to click on the +1 button. Get as many G+ users as you can to click on the +1 button of your app’s page to improve its ranking on Play Store.

Update And Upgrade Regularly

If you update your app regularly, users will be glad to give positive reviews and ratings about improved and new features as well as a better user interface. Also, updating your apps will make users curious to find out what exactly has changed and how new features can be used. This is one easy method of boosting app engagement.

If your app engagement is low, don’t hesitate to consider releasing an update. On the other hand, regular updates and upgrades indicate you’re working hard to improve your app and its user experience. This is one of the easiest methods of boosting your app’s ranking on Play Store.

Connect Your App To Leading Social Networks

social media marketing

Let your app users promote your app for you on social media by inviting their friends to download and play.

App users often enjoy apps that allow them to invite their friends on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. If you make your app easy to connect to social networks, like these apps and games for Euro 2016 fans, users will recommend your app to their friends and invite them to download the app. This is very important when you’re promoting a game on Google Play.

The more users invite their friends to download and play, the higher your chances of ranking higher. More downloads and engagements counts in your favor of ranking higher, while less downloads and engagements will push your app down on the ranking scale on Play Store.

Monitor The Progress Of Your App

While you’re working hard to make your app rank higher, don’t forget to monitor its performance on Google Play. Since app ranking is determined by several different factors, you’ll have to pay attention to factors that work better than others. In fact, some app marketing strategies can lower your app’s ranking on Google Play. If you’re not monitoring your app’s ranking, it’ll be difficult for you to figure out what app ranking strategy is working and what is not.

monitor your apps' performance

As you monitor your app’s progress on Play Store, do more of what works and change strategies that aren’t working.

Don’t Forget Link Building

Google believes if your app is really good, users, bloggers and reviewers should be talking about it. That’s the point where link building walks into your app marketing picture. Google really care about links directed to your app’s page from other websites. When you have lots of these links from credible websites, it improves your app’s ranking on Play Store.

For link building, you should submit your app to as many review websites as possible. Some bloggers, independent publishers and thought leaders in the mobile app space also review apps. If you can connect with any of them, ask for a review of your app. But if you’re considering distributing and monetizing your app, consider Mobile Core. If you have a great app, many bloggers and reviewers wouldn’t hesitate to drop a comment on two on their site and link back to your app’s page on Google Play.

Follow the tactics mentioned on this article, take advantage of Showbox platform and your app will rank high steadily on Google Play. Enjoy developing!

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