Showbox Release Notes android game 2.7.3

Showbox App Version 2.7.3 Release Notes

Hi all!
Do you like Showbox’s new session and win some rewards?
I know that many of you have participated our game contest and enjoyed it quite a lot. Thanks for your continuous support!

Kindly update your Showbox App to the latest version to enjoy more!


We’re glad to inform you that now you have more options to redeem your cash-points with Showbox!

1. Steam Gift Card Redemption (Global Customers)


Good news for gamers! Of course many of you guys are gamers, we’d like to make you more convenient while using Showbox. From today onwards, you will be able to use your CASH-POINTS to redeem Steam gift cards worth $5, $10 or $20 of your choice!

This redemption is for global customers. So no matter where you are, you could use it. Hope that will be a cool choice for you.

2. Google Play Gift Card Redemption (US Customers)


What’s more, you could also use your CASH-POINTS to redeem Google Play Gift Cards! Call for all mobile game players! The redeem options are $10, $15 or $20. For gamers who earn enough CASH-POINTS with Showbox by completing offers or win game contests, you could directly redeem Google Play Gift Cards.

Please note that you can only redeem your gift card if you are in the US.

3. Watermark of images in comments below posts become clearer.

I know right! Sometimes when the game screenshots are in dark colors, it will be difficult to recognize the watermark with referral code & submission time. So we improve that by adding one shade of every watermark.

We are so glad that now we’re having more redemption options. We’re also trying to seek more nice redemption choices for Showbox member. At the same time, we will bring you more offers and great game contests. Kindly looking forward that.

Should you have any questions with Showbox App, feel free to comment to us or email us at

Oh just a reminder that our game contests in Showbox App & Facebook/Twitter are still ongoing. Quickly download our latest version to win CASH Rewards!

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